Robert Avery


Philadelphian Robert Avery, is the Founder and President of The Philadelphia Wax Museum. He is a visionary wants to inspire the youth of Philadelphia to achive greatness with their lives, by exposing them to other great Philadelphian's and those famous personalities unique to The Greater Philadelphia Region.
Mr. Avery has worked for a number of companies, including The United States Air Force, NCR Corporation, Drexel University, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, each offering insight and business sense of what Mr. Avery would like to include in The Philadelphia Wax Museum organizational model.
He will continue to support the Museum and, with the assistance of the Board of Directors, guide the Organization’s activities. He is very passionate about the youth of Philadelphia. Mr. Avery believes that if you change the mentality of the youth of Philadelphia you change their actions. “If we can show them the wonderful and positive impacts that great Philadelphian’s past and present have done, we can spark motivation for them to want to achieve great things as well”
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Gregory Ellis


Senior Pastor at Good Shepherd Baptist Church

I have known Robert Avery for nine years. In that time I have found him to be a diligent, self-motivated, goal oriented individual. While serving as the Youth leader at Pinn Memorial Baptist Church and Outreach director I worked with Robert and he was a dedicated volunteer. We also have served together in the US Air Force Reserve. I believe that he will be an asset to your organization. It is with pleasure that I highly recommend him.
September 29, 2012, Gregory worked with Robert at The Philadelphia Wax Museum




Gina Rush


Business Planning/Development Consultant

Rob contacted me via regarding writing a business plan for The Philadelphia Wax Museum, which at the time was in the planning phase. He advised me that he needed an extremely professional, well written business plan to seek funding partners for The Philadelphia Wax Museum. 
Rob was a pleasure to work with, knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish with his business plan, and was extremely proactive and involved in the success of the business plan. For all intents and purposes, he was a model client who had done his homework, made the job extremely easy, knew exactly what he wanted and where he was going, and paid for services rendered in a timely manner. 

I have been blessed to have known Rob and continue to work with him off and on to expand his visions and goals for The Philadelphia Wax Museum and research and move into other markets. I would highly recommend Rob as both a client and a business partner, find him extremely knowledgeable and willing to tackle any task placed before him.




Jillian Patricia Miss Pennsylvania Essence


Producer/ Host at The Arts In Color Show with the National BOUNCE Television Cable Network

Mr. Robert Avery is an exceptional business man and someone who I would recommend for any venture if you are looking for 100% success.
November 22, 2011, JillianPatricia worked directly with Robert at The Philadelphia Wax Museum




Dawn Jamison, MA, LLC


Life Coach I Career Coach

With Rob at the helm, I am certain The Philadelphia Wax Museum will be a fabulous historical addition to the city of Philadelphia! His vision and leadership will soon make the museum a reality and a success!
November 17, 2011, Dawn was with another company when working with Robert at The Philadelphia Wax Museum




Atif R. Lanier


Owner, HarMageddo Entertainment

Robert is a hard working dedicated individual. I would trust him completely with any task.
October 30, 2011, Atif R. worked directly with Robert at The Philadelphia Wax Museum




Sesha Welhouse


Aesthetics at Divine Body and Styles

Mr. Avery is a passionate and self motivated individual. I appreciate his creative style and infectious out going personality. The passion he displays for the Philadelphia Wax Museum has been a personal reflection towards my own endeavors. I truly believe he is an individual who is willing to go the extra mile and then some. I would recommend him for this position.
October 26, 2011, sesha was with another company when working with Robert at The Philadelphia Wax Museum




Frank Frame


Ex. Dir. at Foundation for SSVC

Robert is an agressive entrepreneur. He is tenacious when he has a goal in mind. he does not take no for answer and works through difficulties.
October 26, 2011, Frank was with another company when working with Robert at The Philadelphia Wax Museum




Aaron Taylor


NCOIC, Preventive Medicine at U.S. Army

What Robert has done with The Philadelphia Wax Museum page on Facebook is ASTOUNDING! The factoids on the native-Philly celebrities & scenic portraits of the metropolitain area serve as both informational & inspiring. In the short time since Robert created the page, I've personally learned more about my hometown than I have in any social sciences course I've ever...more
October 26, 2011, Aaron worked with Robert at The Philadelphia Wax Museum




Andrew Raymond


Sr Rep at Primerica

Robert comes with my highest recommendation. We served together in Iraq in 2007. He was a great Airman in his career field. And he was always an encouragement to everyone around him - big morale booster. We had many deep spiritual conversations. Whatever Robert puts his hands to work as will be a success in the future.
January 16, 2012, Andrew managed Robert indirectly at 113th Fighter Wing D.C. Air National Guard (DCANG)





Kyro Carter


US Air Force, Retired

Robert Avery is a visionary. He began is military career with the idea to serve his country. With years of dedication and commitment, he harnessed his career with a vision to contribute to the culture of the nation with his development of The Philadelphia Wax Museum. His ideas, business and marketing creativity are on a global scale. His network of colleagues and...more

October 27, 2011, Kyro managed Robert at 113th Fighter Wing D.C. Air National Guard (DCANG)