The Philadelphia Wax Museum serves to honor the famous Citizens of Philadelphia, past and present. It’s true that Philadelphia is missing the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but what this city lacks in silicone, it makes up for in notoriety. Bill Cosby, Benjamin Franklin, Kevin Bacon, Will Smith, Patti Labelle, and so many others are all members of Philadelphia’s elite and are to be represented in the halls of The Philadelphia Wax Museum.


In addition to beautiful wax exhibits, The Philadelphia Wax Museum serves to provide educational opportunities for children and adults to learn about the history and heritage of the City of Brotherly Love. United States Historical events, moments of national significance, and fun memories of generations past are to fill the displays of The Wax Museum.


Offering a gathering place and resource for its community, The Philadelphia Wax Museum will add a permanent historical and cultural resource to the community in addition to awarding visitors with a sense of pride and achievement in their beloved city. Community members and tourists will be inspired by the significance of the city and its citizens while displays serve as a resource for teaching. Philadelphia’s historical documents, memorabilia, and photographs are to be preserved within the walls of The Philadelphia Wax Museum.


The Philadelphia Wax Museum will feature wax portraits of Philadelphia’s famous personalities and historical figures as well as feature exhibits that highlight the achievements and history of the incredible city. With a goal to be an integral part of the Philadelphia community, The Philadelphia Wax Museum is prepared to motivate the youth of Philadelphia to accomplish great things just as the Philadelphians before them.