Donate to help us create a life-size and life-like wax figure of William Penn, the first of many that will form the foundation of the Philadelphia Wax Museum.


William PennIt can’t happen without your help.


Thank you for considering a donation to the Philadelphia Wax Museum, an entertaining and educational beacon of hope for Philadelphia’s young people, a proud statement honoring this city’s history and a tourist attraction that will draw people to the city.


The museum is a grassroots efforts, and it cannot become a reality without wide support from a variety of people and organizations. Through small donations of a few dollars from individuals and generous corporate sponsorships and gifts, this dream of a monument to famous Philadelphians from all walks of life will soon be open to serve the community and the world.


Ready to make a donation? Use the Razoo or PayPal form below to donate securely. If you prefer, click the PayPal link below and make your donation using the Internet’s safest and most widely respected payment vendor. Both ways, ensure the funds you donate will go toward creating the Philadelphia Wax Museum’s Life-Size and Life-Like Wax Figure of William Penn.


Once you make a donation a letter from The Philadelphia Wax Musuem will be generated on your behalf stating that you have given a charitible tax decutable donation to The Philadelphia Wax Museum. This letter should be kept for your records for proof when you file your taxes to claim the tax decuctable donation.



For Larger Contributors


Can you contribute in an even larger way with a major donation or a donation of materials or services? If so, Contact Us for more details about how to ensure that your financial or in-kind donation is used effectively and appropriately.









Because this organization is led by a passionate leader and controlled by a dedicated and experienced board of volunteer directors, you can be certain that every safeguard is in place to ensure that funds are handle appropriately and used for the purpose of creating the Philadelphia Wax Museum and its related educational and community service programs.


For this museum to become a reality, contributions from businesses, corporations and other types of organizations are essential, and we appreciate your efforts on our behalf, no matter what size or form they take.


A Big Thanks To All


The museum’s goal is to honor the great Philadelphians of the past and present through wax figures, a historical archive and programs to benefit citizens and visitors of all ages.


But we also honor you, our valued contributors. When the museum’s door swing open for the first time, you can rightly claim that it wouldn’t have been possible without you. And you can be sure that we’ll do what’s right to honor you for your early commitment to our cause.


Thank you for being part of our effort -- part of a museum of hope and inspiration that will soon rise in Philadelphia.