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Feb 5, 2013


Philadelphia’s history is filled with famous names and faces. But none has a story more inspiring than that of William Penn, the man after whom Pennsylvania was named.


As founder of the Province of Pennsylvania, history is unlikely to forget Penn. During a lifetime of diverse experiences, he was a real estate entrepreneur, a philosopher, a crusader for religious freedom and a champion of good relations with Native Americans. He even planned how Philly was laid out and developed.


Perhaps the most inspiring part of his story, however, was the stand he took in favor of religious freedom. Despite the risk of going against the prevailing religion in England, Penn started attended Quaker meetings. Soon, he was arrested for his attraction to this religious movement. He could have disavowed the movement and perhaps avoided charges, but he stood up for what he believed in.


Amazingly, he was only 22 when he joined the Quakers.