About the Philadelphia Wax Museum



Thanks to a dedicated team of volunteer board members and donations both small and large, the Philadelphia Wax Museum is becoming a reality. Planned as a museum unlike any other in town, this unique new tourist attraction will highlight famous citizens of the city, no matter their field of endeavor.


While Philadelphia has an amazing assortment of small, single-interest museums built upon the passions of a single individual or inspired by a single theme, there is no community resources that seeks to honor all of Philadelphia’s famous citizens.


With the help of committed and generous people like you, the Philadelphia Wax Museum will be a valuable asset to both adults and children in the community -- and a tourist attraction that will draw people here.


Can you imagine seeing Bill Cosby, Benjamin Franklin, Kevin Bacon, Will Smith, Patti Labelle and so many other famous Philadelphians every day -- in the same place? Soon they’ll come together at The Philadelphia Wax Museum. Maybe Philadelphia doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but it has great people who have succeeded in their fields, and we intended to honor them.


The PWM In Greater Detail


The primary mission of the Philadelphia Wax Museum is to inspire members of the community and tourists alike while serving as a resource for teaching. It will do this through its wax figures and through the care and display of historical collections that link Philadelphia’s past with its present. The museum believes that human development is the most worthy of goals and is dedicated to helping people understand where they come from and how they are connected to history.


The Philadelphia Wax Museum will provide educational resources for both children and adults, allowing everyone who visits to learn about the history and heritage of Philadelphia. As the home of prominent citizens and statesmen, the site of famous landmarks and too many “firsts” to count, Philadelphia has a deep and wide untold story that’s waiting to be uncovered.


The Philadelphia Wax Museum will also be a gathering place and community resource for local residents. Besides offering a permanent historical and cultural resource to the community, it will instill pride and a sense of achievement in residents of the city and stimulate the creativity of Philly youth.


In addition, the museum’s archives will promote the preservation of historical artifacts, documents, photographs, memorabilia and other mementos that tell the stories of Philadelphia’s most famous citizens.


The Philadelphia Wax Museum will meet a long-standing need in the Philadelphia area for a facility that highlights the achievements and history of the community. It will provide an up-close and personal look into the lives of the famous personalities who have made and continue to make significant contributions to Philadelphia and the world in many different walks of life.


Obviously, the museum will feature wax portraits of Philadelphia’s personalities, but it will also focus on other kinds of exhibits that highlight the achievements and history of the community too. The exhibits will be accessible to all and aimed at entertaining as well as educating. 





Philadelphian Robert Avery, is the Founder and President of The Philadelphia Wax Museum. He is a visionary wants to inspire the youth of Philadelphia to achive greatness with their lives, by exposing them to other great Philadelphian's and those famous personalities unique to The Greater Philadelphia Region.
Mr. Avery has worked for a number of companies, including The United States Air Force, NCR Corporation, Drexel University, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, each offering insight and business sense of what Mr. Avery would like to include in The Philadelphia Wax Museum organizational model.
He will continue to support the Museum and, with the assistance of the Board of Directors, guide the Organization’s activities. He is very passionate about the youth of Philadelphia. Mr. Avery believes that if you change the mentality of the youth of Philadelphia you change their actions. “If we can show them the wonderful and positive impacts that great Philadelphian’s past and present have done, we can spark motivation for them to want to achieve great things as well”


Can You Help?


Soon, the dream of an entertaining educational resource for children and adults -- based around wax figures of prominent Philadelphians -- will be a beacon of hope for the city’s youth, its citizens and its tourists. But that can only happen with your help.


For the Philadelphia Wax Museum to become a reality, people like you must rise to the challenge of financially supporting this important and developing institution.


As a grassroots effort, the Philadelphia Wax Museum project is dependent on funds raised from local citizens, people around the world who support our cause and businesses and corporations who choose to join us. Will you click the DONATE NOW  button in the right column and help us?


You can also volunteer to support this cause.


We appreciate your support.