The Philadelphia Wax Museum is Carried on the Shoulders of William Penn

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Feb 5, 2013


Philadelphia’s history is filled with famous names and faces. But none has a story more inspiring than that of William Penn, the man after whom Pennsylvania was named.


As founder of the Province of Pennsylvania, history is unlikely to forget Penn. During a lifetime of diverse experiences, he was a real estate entrepreneur, a philosopher, a crusader for religious freedom and a champion of good relations with Native Americans. He even planned how Philly was laid out and developed.


Perhaps the most inspiring part of his story, however, was the stand he took in favor of religious freedom. Despite the risk of going against the prevailing religion in England, Penn started attended Quaker meetings. Soon, he was arrested for his attraction to this religious movement. He could have disavowed the movement and perhaps avoided charges, but he stood up for what he believed in.


Amazingly, he was only 22 when he joined the Quakers.


The Philadelphia Wax Museum salutes those who take a stand for what they believe in, even when standing up is painful, dangerous or costly.


We believe the citizens of this city will benefit from looking into the eyes of the characters that shaped this city. By confronting the leading voices of Philly’s past and present, we hope children and adults will see how much difference a single voice can make.


Penn fought homelessness and an unsupportive family to continue to stand up for what he believed in, and the consequences were harsh. Still, history treats this man as an innovator and leader. What message could a life that stands up rather than bows down send to today’s Philadelphians?


The Philadelphia Wax Museum’s first statue will be a likeness of William Penn. We think there’s no better place to start than with Penn, the man upon whom this commonwealth is founded.


Are you ready to help us make in difference in Philly’s future by inspiring and educating this generation and the next? If so, please contribute to making our first statue a reality.